Battlestar Galactica!

Just finished watching the new episode of Battlestar Galactica. Epic doesn’t even start to describe how epic the episode was. lol

Section below contains spoilers

It starts off with Geata in control of Galactica and Adama and Saul are trapped in the hanger bay door with a granade just thrown in by one of the marines. They can never seem to keep Adama captured for long it would seem, he always seems to find a way to get his ass out of trouble and back in control again. By the end of the episode the Vice President and Geata are the ones lined up for execution instead of Adama and Adama is back in control of the fleet. The coup ended up failing I suppose, but a lot of people died in the process. They killed all the leader of the colonies! Besides the president of course who went hiding in the Cylon baseship.

Overall the episode was fanfrakingtastic. Looking forward till next weeks episode. Haven’t looked at the previews for next episode, hopefully it will be just as awesome as most of the other episodes air so far. The series is a great series for any Sci-Fi fans or simply anyone. Everyone should watch it, at least thats my opinion.
Still can’t believe Battlestar Galactica is finishing up the series. Oh well. They’re making Caprica, which looks weird. So far from what I’ve read about Caprica the series is that the story is set I believe years before the colonies got destroyed by the Cylon fleet. We’ll see how things go when they air it or release more information, or I read up on the most updated information about it (if there are any).

One thought on “Battlestar Galactica!

  1. Yeah it was good that Adama regained controlled of the ship and executed those frakking traitors. About time Zerek got what was coming to him!

    And next week Ellen comes back…and apparently she knows everything, has retained all knowledge as the final cylon. That should be interesting. Her reunion with Tigh will definitely be interesting.

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