Anime North 2009

Anime North was this past weekend (May 22nd-24th) at the Toronto Congress Center, Doubletree International Hotel and Renaissance Hotel. This year they seem to have used more of the Toronto Congress Center hence making it much larger than last year.

Three days is awesome doesn’t even start to describe it. There were alot of kick ass cosplayers and then there were the hilarious ones who tries too hard to play the role they aren’t fit for. There was just too much to do, my friends and I didn’t have time to go to alot of the panels. Next year for sure we will make it to the “How to get a Con Girlfriend” BEFORE the start time since by the time we got there, it was so bad you can feel the heat without having to walk in.

The video game area was at the Renaissance like usual which featured pretty much the usual video games with the exception to Street Fighter IV since it just came out. But generally fighting games and rock band. Doubletree had the usual board gamers and the Moonlight ball at the ballroom.

The Moonlight ball wasn’t all that great, certainly not worth $35 dollars. I don’t know if we’ll be doing that next year or not.

The J-Rave was alright as well. Pretty much people dancing to Japanese or Anime music. The dealer room was crowded as usual with lots of cool things to buy. Sadly, I didn’t make any purchases this year, but next year I will.

I am currently trying to think of what to dress up as next year, this time nothing that involves painting the face white or wearing a huge ass mask. lol I have a whole year to come up with ideas and to watch more anime so I have more ideas. I didn’t bring a camera to Anime North again this year, so I relied on other people to take pictures. They are on Facebook. I might bring my camera next year and post it on my site afterwards.

Can’t wait till Anime North 2010!!

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