My thoughts on the playbook

No… I do not actually own the playbook.. I was only able to open one up at my store and demo it to customers or potential customers looking for a tablet.

Turns out the employees play with it more than the customers do. Go figure.. lol

The Playbook is RIM’s entry into the tablet market with the 7″ tablet wifi only Playbook. The device does not have a native email, chat or calendar client but instead relies on a bridge program to bridge with an existing blackberry to sync the emails, calendars, contacts, bbm and tether internet without requiring wifi or another 3g sim card and/or data plan. I haven’t gotten the chance to play with the bridge program for obvious reason (syncing my bb to the playbook means everyone would have access to my information and I just can’t allow that to happen. Especially since it’s just a demo unit for the store. lol). It is also the first device from RIM to include their recently acquired QNX OS which they have implement into the playbook

The screen is very responsive and the menu function is pretty nifty. Gets rid of most of the button minus the volume up/down, play/pause and the standby/power button. The rear facing camera is takes pretty nice quality pictures for the type of camera it is, but I havent really used the front facing camera. Not expecting much out of that one since that’s usually meant for video chat. And no one needs HD qualify for video chat.

RIM announced that they are going to release an emulator that will be able to play most if not all the android apps seamless in the unit which would give it a much better edge over it’s competitor (face it.. Blackberry app world is terrible compared to the Android Marketplace or Apple’s App Store. The apps released for the blackberry are behind in the times and sometimes suck out loud with very limited selection. With the inclusion of Android app support that would bring more people away from the iPad and get the Playbook. (hopefully).

Right now the biggest disadvantage over the other tablet is the lack of native essential apps such as the BBM chat, email and calendar. That requires the user to have a Blackberry (I believe OS6 and up is required, but I could be wrong) to take full advantage of the unit.

The unit comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB version from $389.99, $489.99 and $589.99

If I hadn’t already gotten the Motorola Xoom tablet I might have picked this one up, but then again I might not have. haha the main reason that turned me away from the Playbook was the fact the screen was a little small for my liking. but it’s relatively cheap compared to the other tablets on the market. though those are bigger in size.

The 16GB and 32GB is available at my store location (Canada Computers North York) but if you are interested in the 64GB, arrangements can be made and we can order one for you. Right now for customers who do not have a blackberry and are wanting to get one. there is a promotion going on with a bundle. Get the Playbook with a 9780 Bold and get $50 MIR + whatever promotion is going on. Pair it with the 9800 Torch and get $100 MIR.

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