Anime North 2011

Anime North 2011 has come and gone and I am glad that I was able to go again this year.

Same place as always, the main convention is at the Toronto Congress Center and the panels are held in the Doubletree International Hotel.   At first I was planning on going, had the tickets purchased.  Later I found out the group I got the tickets with did not include me in their hotel plans and I was not willing to drive back and forth from home to the convention every day for the three days.   Waste of gas money.  So I told them to leave me out of the anime north this year that I was not going to go.

Later my other group of friends asked if I wanted to go and said that they will be staying at the closest to the convention house..  Which to me was “alright.. its close enough. about a 5 min drive which is not too bad.  So I decided to go.  Since I already took those days off work anyway might as well get the most out of it.

Me and my friend went to the opening on friday morning to get our tickets for the weekend.  Got there at 10 and noticed there was a huge line up..   We also noticed that no one was going into the building so we asked one of the volunteers working there what was going one…  They told us that they aren’t letting people in for the tickets will 1pm…

We both looked at each other and was like “wtf”    so we went to the closest mall to waste time.  Woodbine mall sucked while I was attending Humber, 5 mins away from that mall, and it still sucks today.    Not alot of good stores available.

Went by to continue waiting in line..  It started drizzling.    2-3 hours after that we got our tickets and were walking around.

Took quite alot of pictures as always.  

We spent most of the time walking around the convention checking out the cosplayers.   some were really well done.  there were quite a few of them that wore a tad bit too revealing costumes..  Normally I probably would not mind, but the girls in the costumes were not good looking at all.. lol

Anime North this year was alright.   Still did not buy anything  so I’ll save that for either a trip to New York or save it so I can spend it when I go to FanExpo.

I really want saskue’s sword.. it’s soo badass!!

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