Host Migration

I’ve been using MXHub for over 6 years now and I found myself running out of space often forcing myself to remove some backup files in order to free up space. I’ve been paying $9.95 a month for their hosting service which provided me 3GBs of storage and 120GB of monthly bandwidth. In today’s age that has gotten pretty expensive. So I’ve been searching for an alternative hosting solution which offered most storage for about the same price if not cheaper yet also providing the uptime service similar if not better than MXHub. I’ve seen a lot of placed like godaddy and 1 and 1 hosting solutions offering cheap hosting solutions but I’ve heard mixed reviews about it and a lot of them seem like they didn’t like the service even though they’ve been with that company for years it would seem.

I’ve stumbled upon netfirm, a Canadian based but it was a tad bit expensive. A few people I know are with HostGator so I decided to try that myself. Now I am slowly migrating my stuff from one server to another. I probably won’t be keeping the other hosting solutions since HostGator offers “Unlimited storage and bandwidth” for 6.95 a month. The only problem is trying to migrate my emails from one server to another. Since I use my email for work I sort of need to keep a record of those emails as I’d rather not lose them. lol

so far has been migrated to the new server. As for the other 2 they shouldn’t be too far behind

Update @ 19:39: domain is now pointing to the new server.

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