Windows 8/8.1 Woes

I am feeling pretty unlucky right now, as not one but two of my Windows 8 installations decides to bite the dust. The hardware is still working fine, for now, the issue is with the Operating System itself.

My Surface Pro decided that it will Blue Screen every time I put it to Sleep, Shutdown, or Restart. And not just your normal BSOD either. It just stays black while the CPU runs hotter and hotter. I wouldn’t have caught it if the Magnesium felt warm to hot to the touch and the fans screaming as it tries to cool down the ever increasing temps.

The second machine in question is the machine I built back in 2012. This computer was working normally, until Windows notified me that there were over 2GBs worth of Windows update that needs to be installed. Sure, what’s the worse that could possibly happen right? Well, tuns out after the update, my computer was no longer able to boot back into Windows. The furthest it would go is a Black Screen with no cursor or anything. I’ve let it sit there for about 15 minutes before decided to give up and restart. It would eventually get to the “Preparing Automatic Repairs” sit there for a few minutes then goes to “Diagnosing PC”. After a few minutes of that it would bring up the message saying Windows was unable to restart. Like it didn’t need to state the obvious any clearer.

The Surface Pro was a easy fix. The restore files were already on a partition on the SSD, so a simple refresh did the trick. But I had to reinstall all my applications. None of my files were deleted. The PC however was a different story. I did have an Acronis Image that I had made before, but I decided to start fresh again and reinstall Windows from scratch and everything else. 7 Hours later, it’s still doing update.

The problem doesn’t end there. Since it’s a fresh install of Windows, there is about 100+ updates that needs to be done. Apparently one of those updates has been known to cause issues like causing Windows to be stuck on “Configuring Windows Updates” at 12%. I found that out after experiencing this issue and researching on it from Google. Right now I do have that particular update on ignore for the second update run, hopefully it really is that update that caused the issue and everything else installs properly.

Back to my Surface, So far it seems to be running fine again. And I just finished installed the 8.1 update. We shall see how that goes in the next couple of days. The main concern right now is the PC. Since it’s my multi display gaming desktop. I need it up and running for my Tuesday and Thursday night raids. I need them Heroic loot!

I just hope none of my other machines decide to choke up on my. But I probably jinxed it by mentioning it. :S

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