Galaxy S5 cases…

A short little rant about the Galaxy S5 case selections. I picked up the Samsung Charge Cover for my Galaxy S5 the same day I got the phone. I’ve had wireless charging experience from one of my previous phones, the Nokia Lumia 920 and I missed having that convenience. The only problem is now there are no cases that are compatible with the cover. Samsung also makes a Wireless Flip Case with the S-View window, they also make a regular S5 Wallet case but with no Wireless charging capability. Why can’t Samsung make a Wallet case WITH the Wireless Charging capability. I’m sure people would want to buy that. lol

Another option would have been to get the wireless charging pad they sell, but not from Samsung, which would make it compatible with every third-party case on the market, the problem with that is the pad requires you to fit it in properly or else the pins don’t make contact with the phone’s charging port and it doesn’t charge the phone.

If there was a 3rd party case maker that made a case that acted as a wallet and also wirelessly charge my phone. I’d be pretty willing to buy one. Obviously if the price is right, looks and feels good.

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