It’s been a while since I made a post about food, so here it is. I’ve been to this place a total of 3 times in the last 3 years. The first time I found this place it was out of the blue, I got invited to a friend of a friend’s birthday dinner, which the friend bailed last minute, luckily I knew someone else going so it wasn’t entirely awkward for me. It was suppose to be at Guu on Bloor but because the wait time was too long they decided to go look for another place to go to. JaBistro wasn’t even officially opened that night. It was some sort of pre-opening special or something so the group decided to go try it out. The place was pretty empty when we were there, I guess since it wasn’t officially opened no one knew about that place.

Before I get into further detail. JaBistro is not your ordinary Japanese style sushi restaurant. They call themselves a Modern Fusion style restaurant, offering both classic sushi that everyone knows and loves as well as more unique blowtorch sushi that only they serve.

The first time I was there the service was very slow. It didn’t help the fact that there were 16 people in that party, which most likely contributed to the slow service. I think we waited over an hour for our dishes to start arriving. The entire bill was split of course into smaller groups so when it was time to pay it was easier to know who got what. I split my bill with my friend who was there and we ordered the Lobster Sashimi Platter and a few other sushi plates. This place is not cheap by any means, it was very expensive and the portions are not very big at all. Which is why the 1 platter was not enough. However, they make up for it in terms of quality and taste of the food. They use the freshest quality we can get in Toronto and serving Lobster Sashimi is not something you see very often. The blowtorch style sushi was amazing.

The second time I went there, was for my birthday. I went there with just 1 other person and we ordered the Lobster Sashimi. The place still looks the same and their menu hasn’t really changed. Everything in this menu is pretty much omakase style which is a dish containing what the chef would consider to be the freshest catch of the day. You can make specific orders and according to their Instagram, you can make specific request. Though I have not had the chance to try that option yet. I stuck with the standard stuff on their menu and trust the chef to give me the best they have. Unlike the first time I was there, the lobster sashimi platter now comes with their Lobster miso soup, which was delicious. As usual, for 2 people that Sashimi platter was not enough to fill our stomach. We decided to get the Aburi blowtorched style sushi. It came with 7 pieces (4 nigiri and 3 oshizushi). I don’t remember what each of the fish were. The server did tell us what each of the fishes were for each dish but there were too many to remember that night. All I knew was that they were all delicious. I also decided to get the Wagyu oshizushi that night as well since I love beef and all. For dessert we went for the Macha Creme Brulee which was basically Green Tea Creme Bruelee. Oh and my friend ordered the Ochamame which was Roasted green tea infused edamame.






The third time I went was this past Thursday, Went back there for my friend’s belated birthday dinner and we ordered the Lobster sashimi again. All 3 times I went and ordered this menu the dish came out completely different. It also contained many different fish aside from the usual Salmon, Tuna, and Lobster sashimi. This time however it came with 4 pieces of Wagyu beef sashimi! So I did not need to order the Wagyu beef sushi this time. Instead I went for the Classic nama order which contained 7 pieces of classic nigiri sushi. My friend wanted to try to Salmon oshizushi so we ordered that as well.




The quality has not changed and they remained top notch and their service was much quicker. They also had a full house this time which I guess is not surprising since they’re getting more popular. Though the price is still very expensive. I don’t think I could go there every week. I’ll probably go every once in a while when I feel like spending. But I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for top notch sushi experience where money is no real object. I think the next time I go there I want to try their fixed price menu and see what is different about that. Give myself a little surprise on what I get to eat and try. LOL.

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