January 2016 – EQUIP

I’ve been subscribing to Loot Crate since January last year, Level up about half a year ago and now I decided to give Loot Anime a try. Loot Anime is a monthly subscription service that Loot Create creates. You basically pay a fee for a box of mysterious items with a combined value of more than what you pay in the subscription. Obviously,with the title “Anime”, Loot Anime revolves around Anime. Each month they have a different theme and often includes either a shirt or an exclusive Loot Crate item you can’t find elsewhere. Though it is not considered cheap if you are an international customer. For Canada at least, the price you pay includes shipping and any customs. I decided to give Loot Anime a shot since the other 2 services have been good so far.

January 2016 is the first month of Loot Anime I received as it promised something awesome from Dragonball Z which sparked my interest in the service. Whether I keep them depends if they can deliver on awesome anime loot. The exclusive Dragonball Z item was none other than a Scouter!


I will admit that I do not know the other anime this month’s Loot Anime has provided items for, but since I am always looking for new Anime to watch anyway, this gives me a good opportunity to get introduced to new Anime I might end up watching!

But here are the other items. This month’s theme is EQUIP. Featuring items from Kill La Kill, Dragonball Z, Monster Hunter, Akame Ga Kill and Steins; Gate.

Exclusive EQUIP Phone Charm. I will probably use this as a keychain as I don’t use a case nor do I have things off my phone.

A neat little Akame Ga Kill Tote Bag. Will come in handy when I go grocery shipping and they charge you for plastic bags. :p

Kill La Kill T-Shirt. One of the main reasons why I get Loot Crate. For the shirts. I can always use more shirts. :p

The Loot Anime Poster

This is Steins; Gate Volume #1. Haven’t had the time to read this one yet but I will now have something to read when I’m in the can. haha

Though I am not a fan of Mango, I will eventually try this out. :p

This one is also pretty interesting. It’s the Monster Hunter Sword replica Pen. It’s a freaking Pen!

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