Two week with the iPhone 7 Plus

So it’s been almost two weeks since I went and got myself an iPhone 7 Plus. I’ve used an iPhone in the past so I wasn’t sure what exciting new features I would find on this that was different from the last iPhone I used. The last one being an iPhone 5, it did not have a fingerprint reader obviously since it was introduced in the 5s. I’ve held and played with the iPhone 6 and 6s since a lot of people I know use an iPhone.The fingerprint reader is indeed fast, but with the additional animation, it feels like it’s slower than the OnePlus 3. Also the home button on the iPhone requires a little more force than the home button on the OnePlus 3 to unlock the phone. Both phone feature a capacitive button and not a physical button, both vibrate when you hit the button.

From Amazon,I got a tempered glass protector to protect the screen obviously, as well as picked up a Rhino Shield bumper case. Although the bumper case is advertised to protect against an 11 ft drop, I certainly don’t plan on putting that to the test any time soon. Only for those accidental drops. Same with the water resistant feature. I don’t plan on swimming with it or taking it with me into the shower. lol

Upgraded the phone the moment I got home to the latest, only to recently enroll it into the beta program to run the 10.1 beta. This supposedly came with fixes to the memory management, which until reading that the issue was fixed in 10.1, I didn’t really notice the issue with 10.0.1 or 10.0.2. Though, what did come with the 10.1 beta was portrait mode in the Camera. I believe this feature only works on the iPhone 7 Plus with the dual camera. The portrait mode uses the second telephoto lens as the main camera.

Another feature I am quite impressed with is the battery life. I have read many where that iPhones have pretty lousy battery life. I’m not sure what the expected battery life on the iPhone 7 Plus is, but I’ve been able to get at least 2 days out of it before I decide to charge it up. Even then when it’s plugged it, it still has around 40% battery life. I’m sure it would last at least one full day before the battery completely dies.

I haven’t really used the force touch a whole lot.. Or was it called 3D touch? Did I mention my phone is also enrolled into MobiControl?

More to come…

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