iTunes sync issues

Just a quick little rant before I head to bed. So I added a few new songs to my iPhone play list to sync to my iPhone. I use WiFi sync to sync between iTunes and the iPhone so I don’t need to plug in the lighting cable to my computer every time I want to sync music.

The issue now is every time I add a new song and proceed with a sync, iTunes for whatever reason it has come up with will remove those newly added songs from my playlist then proceeds to sync nothing new. Also before it starts syncing, it really likes to copy my diagnostic information even though I have it set on my phone to not send it sends anyway. As if Apple gives you the fake option to disable it then does it anyway, so much for privacy settings I guess.

But that’s not what pisses me off. I have to add the new songs, sync, then re-add them because iTunes removed them, then sync again. Each time having to endure 1-2 minutes of iTunes copying my diagnostic information.

Apple really likes to think different and makes the user do a bunch of unnecessary task to accomplish one thing it was designed to do. Sync music between the Mac to iPhone. With Android, I can always use AirDroid and sync music wirelessly over any browser and I don’t need to worry about adding music to iTunes first. I find that much easier to work with. #AndroidMasterRace?

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