A week with the Razer Phone

It’s been almost a week since I got the Razer phone, and I’ve been using it almost as a daily driver along side the oneplus 5t. So far it’s been great! I’m really liking the construction of the phone as I’ve always been a fan of the blocky design like the Blackberry Z10. I’ve always wish there would be another phone to be blocky design. And Razer heard my wishes and granted it.

I currently do not have a case with it nor a screen protector as I first. I read a lot of mixed reviews on the phone with most stating the camera quality is terrible, and some say the battery life is not as good. So far the camera has been alright, but the battery life has been great! I have the phone set to 120hz and I haven’t notice the battery drain to be bad. It lasts me the whole day. I still haven’t decid d if I want to keep the phone or not. Especially if project Linda isn’t supported on their first gen phone. I might end up returning it and waiting for the second gen. If I do decide to keep it, I will probably look into getting a screen protector for the phone at the very least. Maybe use a case as well. I don’t have a habit of dropping my phone and I don’t plan to start.

The phone is pretty big though. At 5.7 inches for the display size, and 2 big front facing speaker grills, it is taller than the iPhone 7plus which is already know for its thick chin. It’s certainly taller than the oneplus 5t with a case on, slightly thicker, and wider. The aluminum back does make it somewhat slippery to hold, so for most, a case would be recommended. Razer does make cases for them but they’re quite expensive. But you did just spend 899CAD on it. Or you could ops for a dbrand skin which doesn’t offer drop protection if you’re worried the phone will scratch easily. At least it won’t make the phone any bulkier and heavier!

Update: the camera I low light is like what people say, not really good. But with enough lighting, it would take good enough pictures. This is where it shows its weakness compared to other smartphones. Hopefully this can be resolved with software updates Razer promised, or at least resolve with the second generation phone. For most people, the camera would be a deal breaker, enough to discourage people from getting it.

Testing is ongoing.

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