Razer phone decision

I have decided to keep the Razer phone. After having used it as a daily driver for a month now, I have grown to really enjoy using it. I even bought a dbrand skin for it and finally got a screen protector for it so it’s somewhat projected from scratches.

Performance wise and battery life of this phone has been phenomenal. I can go a full day on this phone and still have plenty of battery life remaining. Granted I don’t use it for gaming a whole lot, which may or may not defeat the purpose of this phone.

The construction of this phone is to notch. The camera however is still the elephant in the room. It’s still not great for low light photos. But it’s getting better with more and more updates. Hopefully Oreo update will come sooner and bring even better camera experience.

I’ll admit, I carry two phones with me, and the other phone is the Oneplus 5t. So the camera quality being not so good on. This one is not an issue or a deal breaker for me. It might be for some. But I can always rely on the oneplus for great low light photos.

In conclusion, this was worth it for me. If you’re someone who needs a great camera phone, look elsewhere. If not, then check out this phone. Buy it at a Microsoft store and if you don’t like it, return it. Which is what I was going to do until I decided to keep it. If you like a phone that looks and feels different from the other phones on the market. The Razer phone is a great candidate to look at.

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