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I decided to make my own wishlist page. 🙂

  1. Tesla Model S($80,000-$120,000)
    HAHA… This is more of a dream at this point. With my current income I can’t afford this. It would be a nice car to drive. The two main features that caught my eye is the center 17″ touchscreen console system and the fact this runs only on electric power. AND it’s not ugly! Perhaps when I get a better higher paying job I can afford this car.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 7
    I always want a new phone, this will probably never change. I got the OnePlus 3 right now, but the Note 7 does look nice. Also N7 for Mass Effect reference. :p
  3. Ducky Shine 5 RGB Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard
    Even though I have 2 K95s, they’re in either Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown. I originally wanted them in MX Blue, but the RGB version for discontinued for low yields in the production line. What’s left on the market seems to be really expensive and if something were to happen to it, there’s no warranty or a replacement unit for it. This Ducky Shine 5 keyboard caught my attention on NCIX’s website. It’s currently on sale, though only $30 off from original price. The keyboard design is minimal but has both Cherry MX Blue switches and RGB lighting, which are the 2 requirements that I have for the keyboard. The steep price tag is currently preventing me from making the purchase. Also, my current keyboards aren’t giving me any issues so far.

My never ending wishlist will continue to grow as time goes on. Or shrink if I ever save enough money for these stuff or lost interest in them which is highly unlikely.

2 thoughts on “Wishlist

  1. Yep, the one in my wishlist is considered Tier 1 🙂 I’ve owned a Tier 5 PSU before (Ultra X-Connect) and current using a Tier 4 power supply (OCZ GameXStream 700 Watts) If I want to run a 4870 x2 I’d rather use a top grade power supply instead of going for the cheap stuff. like before. :p

    but i’m surprise forton is listed as a tier 3 company, they are the company responsible for manufacturing OCZ and Antec’s power supplies.. 😮

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