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Posted on Monday September 25th, 2006 by Dan.M

This is another useless post, nothing has changed from the last time. you might see more of these posts but they mean absolutly nothing!

This site has pretty much turned into a development tool for me to play around to practice some HTML

Posted on Friday September 22nd, 2006 by Dan.M

Thie site will be in beta indefinitely unless otherwise noted by the 2 bars on the top and bottom of the site.

The purpose of this website started last year when the idea of having an unofficial AMD clan where a bunch of members from AMD Forum members would get together and game on line of course, and this site would be the home of this small group where we'd inform members upcoming gaming events etc etc. or notice of changes to the clan/group.

This idea shortly died when no one was interested, and this site was put to sleep indefinitely. This design is still copyright by the original designer and coder, Daniel Mak. You may not reuse any of the images in this webpage for any purpose unless authorized by the author. To contact the author, or join Sector001 Forums and sent a Private message to the root admin.

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Site still in progress. Final Product will not have this bar present